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Do you have a good printer? Glue? Well, you’re ready to hack into iPhone 6! At least that’s what’s been proved by Mr. Rogers from the security firm Lookout. All he used was a high resolution copy of a fingerprint through a special printer and some glue and voila! No! It’s not as easy as it sounds. You need at least a thousand dollars and a lot of hope that your plan works plus some other intricacies that are attached with this plan.

Marc Rogers had earlier proved his hacking skills as soon as iPhone 5 came out and he proved the vulnerabilities iPhone 5 and Touch ID presented. But at the same time Rogers suggested that hacking Touch ID is so complicated, that most hackers wouldn't bother. Your iPhone 6 is, for all practical purposes, safe. "Don’t panic," he told Business Insider. "I don't see a risk to consumers in any way."

The bad news is that this won't last, he cautions. With the introduction of Apple Pay, where Apple hopes to turn every smart pho…