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The end of Atari didn’t come as a shock for those in the 80’s who got hooked on those dinky little cartridges that were worth more than gold to those who witnessed love at first play with Atari. But what really created the final hole in the deck of Atari’s ship? Yes, the very much deplored game version of a very much devotedly loved film, E.T. i.e.

Recently a film production company found buried in a New Mexico landfill thousands of the Atari E.T. game cartridges that made this game and the Atari as a company, centre of attention once again after almost 3 decades.

What was so bad about this game that sank an entire company to the depths of near anonymity?

Tina Amini, deputy editor at gaming website Kotaku, says the game tanked because "it was practically broken." A recurring flaw, she said, was that the character of the game, the beloved extraterrestrial, would fall into traps that were almost impossible to escape and would appear constantly and unpredictably.


Bug on Internet Explorer version 6 to 11

A New Security Flaw has been discovered by the researchers on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 to 11 , which comprises 56% of the internet browser market. The Bug exploits corrupted Flash content to bypass protections and attack Windows Computers. Department of Homeland Security is advising users against using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. We are uploading this article to update our friends on the social media about the Bug. The computers using windows XP are more vulnerable to this bug. Kindly refrain from using Internet Explorer instead use Fire Fox or google Chrome.

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Chip of an Iceberg ?

To those who are still sceptical about deploying strict security measures for their computer networks, the mystic fate of Flight MH370 should be enough to open their eyes and seriously think about making sure their networks are secured well in advance. Let us tell you why.

Think about it, if the ever evolving and thriving field of hacking could get sophisticated and advanced enough to hijack a plane mid-air, what chance does your mere computer network stand especially if it’s not even protected?

Hackers are getting active by the day; they keep coming up with more and more sophisticated methods to further their malicious cause. As with the case of the apparent ill-fated Flight

MH370, there are plenty of conspiracy theories abound. One of them is the possibility of overriding the plane’s computer system with the help of a mere hand held device being operated either hundreds of miles away or within the plane itself. Either ways, it’s an eye opener for those organizations who believe th…