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Virtual Phone Lines Used to Empower Quality Life and Commit Cyber Crime

People drive cars recklessly and wreck. Some teachers, policemen, clergy, politicians and other career-persons take advantage of their students, laity, constituents and community in ways that horrify. Some water systems are not filtered well enough to get rid of chemicals and wastes that are poisonous to humans. Phone numbers can be used to augment a range of trivial to the most horrendous crimes such human and drug trafficking and DDoS activity. 
But ... no one would say to quit driving cars, sending one's children to school, drinking public water, and using phone numbers. 
Wonderfully inspiring or entertaining activity is complemented with the use of cars, career-persons in the social and education sciences, water, and phone numbers. Who has not enjoyed a hot INDY car race? What a relief when emergency vehicles transport women to give birth to babies at  hospitals! A glass of ice cold water after a hard days' work is one life's greatest pleasures. Swimming, canoeing, and p…