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Whether you are a small online retailer or a big corporation, cometh the Holiday season, it’s hunting time for DDoS perpetrators! It's likely cyber criminals will only scale up their activity as the holiday season approaches.

In these circumstances one must know the importance of implementing DDoS mitigation controls. One must have a comprehensive DDoS mitigation strategy all in readiness. Even the security professionals who know better often find themselves making last-minute contingency plans despite the knowledge that proper planning months in advance would have reduced the cost of the mitigation solution and substantially mitigated any damages during an attack.

The scope of the threat varies from individuals to organizations between different industrial sectors and during different seasons. Your business’ reputation is at stake that can potentially be damaged beyond repairs. Your customers’ confidence levels will nose dive should anything of adverse nature occurs. Planning ahea…


Do you have a good printer? Glue? Well, you’re ready to hack into iPhone 6! At least that’s what’s been proved by Mr. Rogers from the security firm Lookout. All he used was a high resolution copy of a fingerprint through a special printer and some glue and voila! No! It’s not as easy as it sounds. You need at least a thousand dollars and a lot of hope that your plan works plus some other intricacies that are attached with this plan.

Marc Rogers had earlier proved his hacking skills as soon as iPhone 5 came out and he proved the vulnerabilities iPhone 5 and Touch ID presented. But at the same time Rogers suggested that hacking Touch ID is so complicated, that most hackers wouldn't bother. Your iPhone 6 is, for all practical purposes, safe. "Don’t panic," he told Business Insider. "I don't see a risk to consumers in any way."

The bad news is that this won't last, he cautions. With the introduction of Apple Pay, where Apple hopes to turn every smart pho…

Check if your Gmail password was one of millions Hacked

Picture: Google Images

A list of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords appeared on a Russian Bitcoin forum Wednesday.

It is still unclear how anyone obtained the vast collection of usernames and passwords. Google says its servers were not breached. The list appears to be a collection of passwords exposed in previous hacks — likely on users’ own computers, not Google’s systems.

“We have no evidence that our systems have been compromised,” said Google spokeswoman Caroline Matthews.

In fact, there’s no telling yet whether the list is even authentic, the company said.
However, Google is warning affected users to take steps to further protect their Gmail accounts, such ascreating a stronger password and using an extra security feature called two-step authentication.

Though the forum manager has already removed the file containing exactly 4,930,000 emails and passwords, it has led to somewhat of a digital panic as people work to learn if they have been affected.

Someone has created …

Celebs Photo Leaked - A question on Cloud Security

Picture : Google Images
As technology progresses ahead with leaps and bounds, it provides us with new means and ways to carry out our day to day business. Not only it helps us in executing tasks more comfortably but also brings in the factor of safety and security in our lives.

Nowadays we hear a lot about this relatively new term ‘Clouds’ in the IT industrial sector, where data can be stored in the clouds. As with other technological advancement, as cloud technology brings a whole lot of benefits to businesses small and large, there are some security concerns as well. And it’s not just limited to corporate or commercial entities, individuals are affected by poor cloud security, particularly celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth, who have recently been a victim of cloud hacking.

So before we go ahead in selecting cloud data storage for our business, there must be a check-list that should be filled to ensure that our data will be safe. Here it is:

1. Vendor Security Prot…


In a seeming attempt to get rid of the somewhat haunting recent trouble times that has seen dwindling popularity to once solely popular web browser, Microsoft is apparently scratching their heads and giving a serious thought to the idea of giving ‘Internet Explorer’ a new name.

According to the sources inside Microsoft, the news is making rounds that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will possibly be given a new name in order to give a facelift to its public image. When one of Microsoft’s engineers was confronted questioning the same, his reply implied that there has been a significant debate going around inside Microsoft to give life to Microsoft believes that a whole lot of negative stuff is said about its Internet Explorer that isn’t even true.

According to them, they are ready to eat humble pie and admit that there
have been some issues pertaining to Explorer’s performance in the past, such as it was soft target for hackers and viruses, but they assert that it has now become a thin…


Staff operate at the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC) technical centre in southwestern Belgium. The NCIRC protects NATO systems and information from any form of attack. (Yves Logghe/ Associated Press)
Is it time Military covered its Achilles’ heel?
Technology pundits, especially those who have their heads down in cyber warfare research, have been warning military establishments that as well as beefing up their kinetic arsenal, it’s about time that defence organizations looked more deeply into cyber-warfare too.
According to National Defence Industrial Association’s (NDIA) trade magazine ‘National Defence’, The Defence Department knows how to fight a kinetic war with bullets, bombs and boots on the ground, but it is still figuring out what a cyber-war would look like and how it would be fought.’
There is no guarantee that the U.S. information technology infrastructure would stand up to a full-spectrum cyber-attack by a sophisticated enemy, said a January report ti…


A view of the cyber attacks carried out against the U.S. within a 45-minute span.

These days it’s not just the air flight route maps available out there for the aviation industry enthusiasts, there’s something more interesting that’s being mapped. Cyber attacks maps. Yes, now you can track in real-time, who’s attacking who in the cyberspace.
U.S.-based computer security firm Norse has released a real-time animated map that illustrates ongoing cyber attacks around the world. Without a doubt, the U.S. is getting constantly hammered by hackers.
In just 45 minutes, the U.S. was the victim of 5,840 cyber attacks. Within that span of time, the U.S. suffered from 27 times more cyber attacks than Thailand, the second most targeted country. Thailand was the target of only 220 cyber attacks during these 45 minutes.
The Norse map does not represent all hacking attempts in the world. Instead, according to Smithsonian Magazine, the map relies on a Norse honeypot network — a network purposefu…

How to setup DDoS Protection ?

The Following steps describes how BLOCKDOS PROTECTION PROCESS against DDOS - Distributed Denial of Service works:

- Client is asked to provide a Domain Name and IP address of their server

- We at BLOCKDOS do the set-up on our cluster and provide a proxy Ip to the client

- We will provide a list of IPs to the client to be white listed at the firewall

- Client will make DNS changes to point the domain to our proxy IP

- All traffic will start coming to our protected proxies

- Attack traffic will be filtered by us and bad traffic will be discarded or added in temporary block list

- Good clean traffic will be sent to client server to access the website

DDoS Implementation Process Flow

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DDoS Protection, is it possible?

People often ask us - IS DDOS Protection Possible ?

In this video we are going to tell you what it takes to run a secure business online. It’s easy! First, never think DDoS attack can’t hit you; you can be the next target! Second, be proactive and show interest in keeping your networks fool proof and cyber secure. Third, do contract with a reliable DDoS protection service provider who can do a complete analysis to eliminate your web insecurities and pro-actively protect your website and networks.

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What is DDoS Protection ?

To understand what is DDOS Protection ?, first we have to  understand what is DDOS Attack?

DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service.  It is an attack to the website and your users. DDOS attack overloads the traffic to the website or server and it ultimately shuts down the site itself.

DDOS Protection protects you from such distributed denial of service so that your confidential data is secure and website runs smoothly.

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The end of Atari didn’t come as a shock for those in the 80’s who got hooked on those dinky little cartridges that were worth more than gold to those who witnessed love at first play with Atari. But what really created the final hole in the deck of Atari’s ship? Yes, the very much deplored game version of a very much devotedly loved film, E.T. i.e.

Recently a film production company found buried in a New Mexico landfill thousands of the Atari E.T. game cartridges that made this game and the Atari as a company, centre of attention once again after almost 3 decades.

What was so bad about this game that sank an entire company to the depths of near anonymity?

Tina Amini, deputy editor at gaming website Kotaku, says the game tanked because "it was practically broken." A recurring flaw, she said, was that the character of the game, the beloved extraterrestrial, would fall into traps that were almost impossible to escape and would appear constantly and unpredictably.


Bug on Internet Explorer version 6 to 11

A New Security Flaw has been discovered by the researchers on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 to 11 , which comprises 56% of the internet browser market. The Bug exploits corrupted Flash content to bypass protections and attack Windows Computers. Department of Homeland Security is advising users against using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. We are uploading this article to update our friends on the social media about the Bug. The computers using windows XP are more vulnerable to this bug. Kindly refrain from using Internet Explorer instead use Fire Fox or google Chrome.

Reference :

Chip of an Iceberg ?

To those who are still sceptical about deploying strict security measures for their computer networks, the mystic fate of Flight MH370 should be enough to open their eyes and seriously think about making sure their networks are secured well in advance. Let us tell you why.

Think about it, if the ever evolving and thriving field of hacking could get sophisticated and advanced enough to hijack a plane mid-air, what chance does your mere computer network stand especially if it’s not even protected?

Hackers are getting active by the day; they keep coming up with more and more sophisticated methods to further their malicious cause. As with the case of the apparent ill-fated Flight

MH370, there are plenty of conspiracy theories abound. One of them is the possibility of overriding the plane’s computer system with the help of a mere hand held device being operated either hundreds of miles away or within the plane itself. Either ways, it’s an eye opener for those organizations who believe th…

Virtual Phone Lines Used to Empower Quality Life and Commit Cyber Crime

People drive cars recklessly and wreck. Some teachers, policemen, clergy, politicians and other career-persons take advantage of their students, laity, constituents and community in ways that horrify. Some water systems are not filtered well enough to get rid of chemicals and wastes that are poisonous to humans. Phone numbers can be used to augment a range of trivial to the most horrendous crimes such human and drug trafficking and DDoS activity. 
But ... no one would say to quit driving cars, sending one's children to school, drinking public water, and using phone numbers. 
Wonderfully inspiring or entertaining activity is complemented with the use of cars, career-persons in the social and education sciences, water, and phone numbers. Who has not enjoyed a hot INDY car race? What a relief when emergency vehicles transport women to give birth to babies at  hospitals! A glass of ice cold water after a hard days' work is one life's greatest pleasures. Swimming, canoeing, and p…

Seven Benefits of CDN, a Content Delivery Network

CDN is an acronym for Canadian dollars, but it also one for content delivery system or content distribution. It is a set of servers organized among more than one data center throughout the Internet. It is when content is hosted and delivered and available in more than one area of the Internet. Web hosted security can be available in this manner. Today's business teams are made up of people who live, work, and travel in different hemispheres, timezones, infrastructures, and under different governments and regulations. Access to content is crucial.

A CDN enables users and managers of content to access it with high availability and performance. A good CDN can effectively serve all types of Internet content any time and any where such as social networks, live streaming and downloadable media, applications for mobile and not so mobile devices, electronic commerce, scripts, voice, and text.

Seven is a lovely number. Repeat a short important phrase seven times, and one is…

Seven Million Unsecured NTP Servers Prime Targets for DDoS

Since its rollout in 1985, Network Time Protocol (a UDP protocol) has been attractive to hackers because it is easy to use and easy to spoof. It synchronizes the clocks of computer systems (client systems with server systems) over data networks. The international Internet gaming community, North Korea's news agency KCNA and CloudFlare were hit by NTP. In particular, rival gaming gangs bragged about their Internet kills on Twitter and other social networks. Must have been the work of talented hackers, right? Not necessarily. DDoS for Hire is cheap and can be bought on peer to peer job sites that are like Fiverr and Rehan Jobs. The "get even" offers are posted for a few hours and then pulled as soon as a few customers bite and buy.

UDP networking protocols include these services: NTP (which we talk about here), chargen (which BlockDoS wrote about in 2013), DNS (Domain Name Server), SNMP, and RADIUS. They are embedded in all types of broadband CPE devices that consumers use.…

Beware of Worst Online Smoke Screen - DDoS

A recent news item surprised us that approximately 200 New York community banks took a cyber-security test! How ready were they though? The test takers did not have a clear understanding of how DDoS works and its ability to be the perfect smoke screen for the Internet's most horrible crimes. Can the finance-related industry learn a lesson and take proactive steps to be ready 24/7?

Terrorists are not the worst enemy in the cyber world. Global and local cyber gangs with the most sinister objectives are, and they use DDoS and virtual private networks to hide themselves and their work.

Banks, in particular, need to not only secure services that successfully prepare for and mitigate distributed denial of service attacks but also stop global cyber criminal rings from using the DDoS as a diversion online to steal valuable company secrets, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, money, and customer identity.

Retail and wholesale business, as well as consumers, want transactions on websites…